Police seize $900 million worth of meth hidden in bras

Australian police found $900 million worth of meth hidden in a shipment of bras and art supplies Monday. It is the country’s largest seizure of the ... Full story

What is this bizarre-looking water monster that has washed up on the shores of an Australian lake?

A BIZARRE, prehistoric-looking creature has washed up on the shores of an Australian lake, baffling locals as to what it might be. Ethan Tipper found the ... Full story

'Bride of just 12' poses for wedding photos in front of horrified onlookers

A STAGED video of a little girl in a wedding dress posing with a smiling man who is old enough to be her granddad has ... Full story

Four married women raped by Islamic State then stoned to death for ‘adultery’

ISLAMIC State raped four Iraqi women before stoning them to death for ‘committing adultery’, according to local news reports. The jihadis arrested the victims after they ... Full story

Drug dealer whipped with cable ties and 'beaten to death'

A horrific viral video has emerged showing a drug dealer being whipped with electric cables by pro-Russian rebels in an ISIS-style execution. In the video the man is ... Full story

Fifty-two inmates dead in cartel prison battle in northeast Mexico

Authorities say a battle between rival drug gangs at a prison killed 52 people in the northeastern Mexican city of Monterrey, on Thursday, days ahead ... Full story

Mexican crime reporter Anabel Salazar's half-naked, bound body ditched on roadside

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Half-naked, bound and with a plastic bag over her head, this is the body of a Mexican crime reporter who was murdered after ... Full story

Villagers attack one another in brutal brawl... For GOOD LUCK

This is the mass street fight where thousands of villagers aim to 'spill as much blood as possible' - for luck. A British journalist was punched ... Full story

Several dead in head-on crash between two commuter trains

Several people have been killed after a head-on collision between two trains in Germany. Another 10 have been seriously injured and 100 suffered minor injuries in the collision in ... Full story

Bus driver killed by meteorite, Indian official says

According to authorities, the first person in modern history has been killed by a meteorite. The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa Jayaram, said that a 40-year-old ... Full story

Woman meets her dad for the first time in 20 years - then he rapes her

A father raped his own pregnant daughter after she had tracked him down after 20 years apart, saying to her as he carried out the ... Full story

Highrise built with tin cans collapses after earthquake

Government officials are investigating after a residential highrise collapsed in Taiwan and images of the rubble showed tin cans used in the construction of it. The ... Full story

Six injured after leopard gets into school

A wild leopard got inside a school yesterday, injuring six people before it was finally captured. The animal was captured on CCTV stalking the halls, before ... Full story

Woman facing jail for not doing enough housework

A woman is facing the prospect of a six-year prison sentence because she doesn’t do enough housework.   Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to 21st century Italy.   Her husband ... Full story

Twin brothers Jordan and Evan Caldwell killed in bob sled accident after breaking into Olympic park

Twin brothers who went down a bobsled track after breaking in late at night have died in a crash. Jordan and Evan Caldwell, both 17, died ... Full story

Five skiers killed as avalanche buries more than a dozen people in Austrian Alps

Five skiers have died following an avalanche at a resort in the Austrian Alps. More than a dozen people are still believed to be buried under the ... Full story

Taiwan earthquake leaves hundreds trapped in collapsed buildings

Hundreds of people are feared trapped in collapsed buildings after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan. 'Multiple' buildings - including at least one residential block - ... Full story

In polluted China, a breath of fresh air can be bought in a can

There are a lot of wonderful things to do in Beijing. Breathing is not one of them. The air pollution in the Chinese city of ... Full story

Murdered seven-month-old baby becomes symbol in the war against gangs in Mexico

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Horrific photos showing the bodies of a seven-month-old boy and his parents slaughtered in Oaxaca, Mexico, have sparked fierce debate about the country's ... Full story

Tanzanian man kept his girlfriend in a concrete pit for eight months

DISTRESSING footage has emerged of a young woman who was allegedly kept prisoner in a concrete pit for eight months. Tanzanian police made the discovery at ... Full story

New Zealand police investigate ‘weird’ outbreak of biting attacks

A NUMBER of people have been injured during a series of vampire like biting attacks on New Zealand’s North Island. Over the past two days a ... Full story

Indian Fighter Jets Just ‘Shot Down A UFO’

The Indian Air Force has said that its fighter jets have shot down a UFO. A Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter jet was dispatched to deal with a ‘balloon-shaped’ ... Full story

Monkey adopts a puppy, loves it more than anyone will love you

An unlikely bond has formed on the streets of India between a rhesus macaque monkey and a puppy. The monkey is seen in pictures from ... Full story

Ontario driver facing $110 fine for driving with a snow filled windshield

A short drive turned in to a more than $100 ticket. An 80-year-old man has been charged after driving a car that was almost completely covered ... Full story

Refugees armed with knife filmed mugging two journalists documenting their plight

Footage has emerged showing the moment a group of refugees armed with a knife attacked two journalists who were documenting their plight.   Maaike Engels was ... Full story

Man ‘forgot’ his wife at gas station and only remembered 60 miles later

Guys, please never leave your wives at the gas station by accident. You’ll never hear the end of it. ‘Walter’, who apparently didn’t realise his wife ‘Claudia’ ... Full story

Man will lose his licence if he’s caught driving without a colander on his head

So some bloke’s won the right to wear a colander on his noggin for his driving licence picture.  But Andrei Filin’s determination to become an official Pastafarian ... Full story

ABC Chicago Producer Anne Swaney 'murdered and sexually assaulted while on vacation in Belize'

An ABC producer was killed while vacationing in Belize this week. Executive producer of online operations, Anne Swaney, 39, arrived last Saturday to Nabatunich Resort, Benque ... Full story

14 dead after ski tour coach crashes down mountainside

At least 14 people have been killed and 27 injured after a ski tour bus crashed down a mountainside in central Japan. The bus veered off ... Full story

Ashley Olsen murder: Senegalese man arrested as police reveal details of her final moments

Prosecutors investigating the murder of Ashley Olsen in Italy have said that she suffered fractures to the skull and she was strangled. The details emerged after police ... Full story