Hurricane? Cyclone? Typhoon? Here's the difference

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Earth's hot twin sister Kepler-78b discovered by scientists

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The cutest animals in the world are actually evil

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400-meter asteroid sighted may 'blow up the earth' in 2032

A LARGE asteroid has been discovered zipping past Earth that astronomers say is dangerous and will return on August 26, 2032. "A 400-meter asteroid is ... Full story

Francois Englert, Peter Higgs win Nobel Prize in physics for 'God particle'

FRANCOIS Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain have won the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics for their theoretical discoveries on how subatomic particles ... Full story

Beachgoers in Spain discover 30-foot giant squid

Beachgoers in the Spanish community of Cantabria were astonished Tuesday when they stumbled onto the carcass of a giant squid that had washed ashore almost ... Full story

Scientists accidentally create real-life lightsaber

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Alien-like creature actually a toad with a big appetite

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Iran may put persian cat in space

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Real or fake? Mysterious ghost pictures investigated

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