Denver zoo vehicle is powered by animal poop

The Denver Zoo has developed a motorized rickshaw that runs entirely on human trash and animal poop as a way to showcase the energy system ... Full story

Blue-skinned family baffled science for 150 years

Twenty minutes after we published the below on the blue-skinned family, Bob Fugate commented, claiming to be Martin Fugate's great-grandson. A sample from the (lengthy) ... Full story

NASA is looking for space food taste-testers

NASA is accepting applications through Feb. 29 for human guinea pigs to sample space food for 120 days in a simulated trip to Mars, which, ... Full story

DNA-origami robots have the power to decimate cancer cells

A Harvard study originally published in Science says that tiny nanorobots carrying cancer-fighting cargo, designed using a process called "DNA origami," have the potential to ... Full story