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Stripper Alexis Adams busted in $200K explicit nude pictures blackmail attempt on NBA coach Mark Jackson

Stripper Alexis Adams busted in $200K explicit nude pictures blackmail attempt on NBA coach Mark Jackson

City hoops icon Mark Jackson sent explicit nude photos to a New York stripper during a torrid 2006 affair that nearly ruined his marriage — and led to a $200,000 shakedown attempt. 

Buxom dancer Alexis Adams and accused co-conspirator Marcus Shaw were busted for the purported plot against the two-timing Jackson, the former Knicks and St. John’s star.

Jackson, now head coach of the Golden State Warriors, initially paid $5,000 cash for the six-year-old photos and a CD of his voice messages to Adams when approached by Shaw before an April 3 game in Memphis, according to federal court documents filed in Oakland.

But the one-time premier point guard wound up assisting the FBI in exposing the defendants when the money grab continued, according to the documents uncovered by TheSmokingGun.com. 
Marcus Shaw

Smoking Gun

Booking photo of Marcus Shaw, who conspired with Alexis Adams to extort money from Mark Jackson.

Jackson, 47, and Adams, 28, began their red-hot romance when he was working as an ESPN/ABC broadcaster and she was dancing in a jiggle joint in the Big Apple, according to court documents. 
The 17-year NBA veteran dished out a series of naked photos to Adams — including at least one graphic shot of his genitals — before dumping his mistress in favor of his wife, Desiree. 
The steamed stripper then called the ex-player’s spouse, spilling news of the affair before sending along copies of the naked photos. Jackson, now an ordained minister and father of four, apologized for his raunchy antics. 
“I recognize the extremely poor judgment that I used . . . in having an affair six years ago — including the embarrassing communication I exhibited during that time,” the Brooklynite said in a statement. 
Mark Jackson

Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Oakland Warriors coach Mark Jackson was allegedly shaken down for cash over nude photos.

“I made some egregious errors. . . . With deepest regret, I want to apologize to my church family. I was wrong. We must live holy.” 
The Jacksons’ marriage survived, but Adams held on to the pictures like a time bomb while nursing a grudge against the one-time All Star. 
In one message to Shaw before the shakedown, she exhorted him to “concentrate and f--- (Jackson) up! he is a Fake ass man of god.” 
Jackson was approached two months ago at a Memphis hotel by Shaw, 40. The suspect showed Jackson a folder with the damning photos and the CD. 
Jackson quickly paid $5,000 cash and destroyed the materials — only to have his tormentor resurface two weeks later in a series of emails, officials said. 
Jackson’s wife of 22 years was contacted next with a threatening message regarding the photos. 
“I’m in the reputation management business and these pictures were shocking,” the email read. “I am not deliberately trying to hurt you, however this is business, nothing personal.” 
The email came from the address tencommandment7@gmail.com — a reference to the seventh commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” 
Jackson then went to Golden State management, who then contacted the FBI. 
The back-and-forth between the Jacksons and the accused extortionists went on until May 7, with a $200,000 payoff suggested. 
Adams and Shaw were arrested before any more money was paid. She’s free on $25,000 bond, while convicted felon Shaw remains behind bars. 
A spokesman for the NBA declined comment on the salacious story.