Serena Williams threatens to sue as umpire wants play to continue at Wimbledon despite light rain

Serena Williams reportedly threatened to sue if she ended up sustaining an injury during her Wimbledon clash with Svetlana Kuznetsova.

With the match tied at 5-5 in the first set, the American tennis player became furious that the umpire wanted to let play continue on Centre Court.

Williams was adamant that the court had become to wet due to the light rain and requested that the roof be put on.

‘I’m going to fall,’ she complained to the umpire, after breaking Kuznetsova to draw level in the first set.

‘This grass is too wet.

‘I don’t care, why don’t they just close the roof?

‘If I get hurt, I’m gonna sue.’

Williams eventually got her wish with play suspended at 5-5.

And once she got back on court, she tied up the opening set in style at 7-5 before plowing through the with second 6-0.

It’s fair to say, she’s happier now…