High school footballer rips off opponent’s helmet and beats him in head with it

A HIGH SCHOOL football player has been hospitalized after his opponent ripped off his helmet and beat him in the head with it. The incident occurred ... Full story

UFC queen Ronda Rousey has made an X-rated gaffe that caused havoc at the UFC193 media day.

RONDA Rousey couldn’t believe the words that just came out of her mouth. The UFC bantamweight champion was enthralling a large media contingent and crowd at ... Full story

Michael Jordan earns more in one year from shoes than in career on the court

IT’S no secret that Jordan Brand essentially prints money when the sneaker giant drops retro releases each weekend, and the company’s namesake is among those ... Full story

Ronda Rousey says she’s highest paid fighter in UFC during Ellen Show appearance

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is living large these days as the biggest superstar in the promotion while also crossing over into films with ... Full story

NBA legend and one-time Atlanta Hawk Moses Malone dead at 60

Three-time NBA MVP and Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Moses Malone has died Sunday at the age of 60, according to ESPN. Malone, named one of ... Full story

Floyd Mayweather is taking a whopping pay cut for his fight with Andre Berto

FLOYD Mayweather is “Money” for a reason. The highest earning athlete on the planet is set to take a staggering 87.2% pay cut for his ... Full story

Toddler recovering from skull fracture after being hit by home run ball

A two-year-old is expected to fully recover from a skull fracture he got when he was hit in the head by a home run ball ... Full story

Tyler Sash, won Super Bowl with Giants, dead at 27

TYLER Sash, a standout safety at Iowa who won a Super Bowl with the New York Giants, has died, the state medical examiner’s office said ... Full story

Rabbit runs length of American football field during match, celebrates like it’s scored a touchdown

A rabbit took the roof off of an football stadium on Monday after running the length of the field and celebrating like he’d scored a ... Full story

High school football players accused of tackling referee on purpose

Two San Antonio, Texas high school football players have been suspended after being accused of intentionally tackling a referee during a game and then piling ... Full story

College marching band goes viral after lewd marching formation

KANSAS State University has been forced to apologise after it was accused of performing a lewd march during a college football game. During a “space” ... Full story

Watch as this college football fan gets clotheslined after running onto field

Nothing can frustrate fans more during a sporting event than a rain delay, but one unlucky Tennessee fan chose the wrong way to entertain himself ... Full story

High school football player Tyrell Cameron dies after on-field injury

A high school football player in Louisiana died Friday night after being injured during a punt return. Tyrell Cameron, a sophomore who played for the Franklin ... Full story

Which notable NFL players were released as teams trim rosters?

It was bad news for a pair of NFL players who each have a legion of loyal fans. Quarterback Tim Tebow was released by the Philadelphia ... Full story

Denver Nuggets mascot levels kid on gridiron

Football season has finally started, and somehow Rocky the Mountain Lion, of the NBA's Denver Nuggets, is ready for it. As seen in this Vine from ... Full story

This is the worst quarterback play in the history of football

Matt Simms is the younger son of former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms. Matt plays for the Buffalo Bills.  He did this tonight.   ... Full story

'Deflategate' judge nullifies Tom Brady's 4-game suspension

Federal Judge Richard Berman has ruled in favor of Tom Brady, nullifying his 4-game suspension. The ruling comes after several hearings and meetings between Tom Brady, the ... Full story

NFL wife accuses reporter Dianna Russini of giving sexual favours in exchange for information

THE wife of an NFL team boss was forced to apologise for a shocking declaration that a female sports reporter gave oral sex in exchange ... Full story

6 things the NFL will do to game-day footballs

The NFL has published its current rules for preparing footballs for games. Here’s a synopsis of the six regulations: Both teams are required to provide 24 ... Full story

Reports: Former NBA star Darryl Dawkins, known as ‘Chocolate Thunder,’ has died

Darryl Dawkins, the former NBA player known for his tremendous dunking ability, died Thursday at age 58, according to WFMZ. The NBA, via one of its Twitter ... Full story

Watch Usain Bolt get taken out by cameraman on a Segway

Usain Bolt may be the fastest man in the world, but he turned out to be no match for a Segway. A photographer at the World ... Full story

Ronda Rousey says she earns more than Floyd Mayweather, and says he’s illiterate

JUST when you thought Floyd Mayweather Jnr had finally recovered from the last time Ronda Rousey burned him, the UFC star was at it again. ... Full story

Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga: ‘He slapped my ass, you should have killed him’

PRE-fight press conferences haven’t been this entertaining since Mike Tyson left the game. A media event to promote Shane Mosley’s upcoming fight against Ricardo Mayorga ... Full story

Hall of Famer’s ridiculous advice: “Then I gotta know who’s going to be the fall guy.”

IF you can’t do the time, make sure one of your lesser-known friends can. That’s the advice Cris Carter doled out to NFL rookies last ... Full story

Jury awards Michael Jordan $8.9 million for unauthorised use of his image in Dominick’s grocery store ad

A jury has ordered a defunct grocery store chain to pay Michael Jordan $8.9 million for using his name without permission. It was a big ... Full story

Ronda Rousey will defend her UFC title against American Holly Holm at UFC 195

RONDA Rousey has shocked UFC fans around the world by announcing fellow American Holly Holms will be her next opponent in the UFC Octagon. The ... Full story

Sorry Donald Trump, Ronda Rousey’s just not that into you

TWO of the biggest names in news over the past few weeks have been UFC champion Ronda Rousey and Republican presidential nomination-seeker/American celebrity emeritus Donald ... Full story

NFL suspends 49ers WR Jerome Simpson for 6 games

The NFL suspended San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerome Simpson on Tuesday without pay for the first six games of the season for violations of ... Full story

UFC star Anthony Johnson is being shamed for a vile sexist gym post

ANTHONY Johnson is facing disciplinary action from the UFC after a vile sexist Facebook post went viral. The American fighter’s social media rant could prove ... Full story

Ohio State fans walk 19 miles to spell OHIO

Football fever is taking hold of the country, especially in Columbus, Ohio, where some of college football's most dedicated fans live. Case in point: Ohio State ... Full story