By Pius-Aghadiuno Published 01/18/2012 18:55:00 | Views: 338
Would you want an iPoo in your house?

Steve Jobs would be proud -- or s***ing in his grave. The iPoo, a high-concept commode created by Serbian designer Milos Paripovic, is a satirical potty prototype that's shaped like the iconic Apple logo.

The unit boasts a cleanliness factor that's more germ-free than your typical computer keyboard and fully (ahem) "supports flush" (this Serb's definitely funnier than Tesla).

Unfortunately, the product isn't available for purchase, though one commenter on Twitter said he would "sync his ass up" in a heartbeat (if that's any indication of its market potential). And while the iPoo might not make the list of Acid Cow's strangest toilets (come on, how do you beat a Virgin Mary urinal?), it has something the other bowls don't -- a seat that's thinner than a MacBook Air.

Would you want an iPoo in your house?

By Pius-Aghadiuno 01/18/2012 18:55:00

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