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Facebook now lets you post anonymously

Facebook has released a new app that will let users communicate anonymously – and the social network says trolls and online bullying won’t be an issue. Rooms, a ... Full story

Snapchat Hackers Post Explicit Images Online

HACKERS have warned up to 200,000 nude pictures and videos sent via Snapchat will be published on a searchable database, in an event dubbed “The ... Full story

Hackers threaten to release thousands of Snapchat photos from ‘illegal third-party apps’

Hundreds of nude photos were posted on 4chan late Thursday after an apparent hack of photos from Snapchat users who used third-party applications. The hackers claim ... Full story

Consensual sex? There’s an app for that Sex

A NEW app aims to solve the problem of date rape and sexual assault by making consent as easy as pressing a button. The Good2Go ... Full story

Texas mother invents app to ensure children contact her at all times

A mother has invented an app that makes it impossible for her children to screen her calls again. Ignore No More levels a cruel punishment at ... Full story

5 popular Facebook's messenger app myth explained

Facebook's recent effort to force people to adopt its standalone mobile messaging app has privacy-concerned users up in arms. Many of them believe the app ... Full story

Attention Facebook users: The new 'color changer' app is a scam

A Facebook app that offers users the ability to change the color of their profile page and header is actually malicious software that hacks into your ... Full story

Google pulls ‘BombGaza’ after social media outcry

GOOGLE has been forced to pull the controversial game “BombGaza” from its Android app store. But has the damage already been done? The simplistic, low-resolution ... Full story

Facebook accidentally releases Slingshot, its app to rival Snapchat

FACEBOOK must be really excited for you to use its new messaging app. So excited, in fact, that the company accidentally added it to the ... Full story

Amazon, Twitter team up for quick shopping through #AmazonCart app

AMAZON has rolled out a new feature allowing Twitter users to select items for purchase on the online retail site without leaving the messaging platform. ... Full story

Foursquare Splits Its App In Two: Meet Swarm

Foursquare is breaking itself to two parts: Foursquare for exploring your location, and whole new app, called Swarm, for keeping up with friends. Foursquare is breaking ... Full story

Ex-posure: New MTV app allows you to track (or avoid) your ex-partner

Ever wanted to avoid your ex so badly that you’d *think* about shoving an old woman out of the way just to hide behind a wall? We’ve all ... Full story

You’ve been doing it all wrong. The app reinventing the way we read

THE problem with reading? You have to move your eyes too much. This might sound like a line from the world’s laziest person, but it ... Full story

This is how much money free apps actually make

WHEN the developer for Flappy Bird announced he was pulling the game off the market while it was making him $50,000 a day, the world ... Full story

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