Review: Ninja Gaiden 3

LOVED IT: Swordplay looks fantastic, story shows another side of Ryu. HATED IT: Oversimplified battling and unintelligent A.I., annoying camera, so much handholding ... Full story

Review: Unit 13

LOVED IT: Mission structure caters perfect to on-the-go gamers, beautiful visuals, nice character advancement and online integration HATED IT: Story is almost completely absent, ... Full story

Review: Max Payne 3

LOVED IT: Seamless transitions from cutscenes to gameplay, story writing that could put Hollywood to shame, great balance between action and set pieces, tremendous ... Full story

Review: Silent Hill - Downpour

LOVED IT: Excellent storytelling and creep factor, smart gameplay conventions enhance sense of desperation, terrific overall art and sound direction HATED IT: Framerate issues, ... Full story

Review: Kingdom Rush HD

LOVED IT: A challenge from the very start, tremendous unit variety, maps and enemies come in all shapes and sizes HATED IT: Incredibly steep ... Full story

Review: Starhawk

LOVED IT: Terrifically original gameplay mechanics, great variety, spectacular visual style, a soundtrack that’s destined to be underrated HATED IT: Campaign is too short ... Full story

Preview: Borderlands 2

How much exactly is a “bajillion?” That’s a question that I’ve been asking myself for the last two weeks, ever since I first demoed Borderlands 2. Naturally, ... Full story

Review: Hero Academy

LOVED IT: Cutesy visuals looks great on new iPad, board conveys load of info in digestible fashion, HATED IT: A more active tutorial wouldn't have hurt, ... Full story

Review: Prototype 2

LOVED IT: Heller’s moves are fun to pull off, deathly effective action controls, underrated — if somewhat trite — story HATED IT: Strange inconsistencies ... Full story

Review: Mortal Kombat for PS Vita

LOVED IT: Loads of added value, all last year’s DLC is included, second Challenge Tower packed with Vita fun HATED IT: No Cross-play functionality GRAB ... Full story

Review: Asura’s Wrath

LOVED IT: Engaging story told in unique episodic style, distinct visuals stand out HATED IT: Unfulfilling, oversimplified combat, gameplay lacks polish and pace GRAB IT ... Full story

Review: Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City

LOVED IT: Switching roles makes for interesting premise HATED IT: Inconsistent and artificial mechanics, cover system issues, unfulfilling gunplay GRAB IT IF: You’re a ... Full story

Video game review: Angry Birds Space HD

LOVED IT: New birds are fun to use, some nifty puzzles, brilliantly clear visuals shine on new iPad, great learning curve HATED IT: Too ... Full story

Review: EA reboots Syndicate

LOVED IT: Absolutely brilliant visuals, breaching and hacking augment shooting nicely, well-tuned multiplayer modes HATED IT: Story doesn’t make you care, lighting effects annoy ... Full story