Nokia phone has 41-megapixel camera

NOKIA has unveiled its latest smartphone, with a powerful 41-megapixel camera touted as offering "more detail than the eye can see". The phone, which will ... Full story

'Robo-Lolita' hunts online predators in social chatrooms

AN ARTIFICIAL intelligence has been created to entice the attention of pedophiles lurking in online chatrooms frequented by children. Spanish researchers created the software named ... Full story

Candy Crush makes $633,000 a day

You might jokingly refer to yourself as being addicted to Candy Crush, but wake up kid, because it may be no joke. Around 45 million play ... Full story

State Department spent $630,000 to 'buy' Facebook fans

THE US State Department was under fire Wednesday for spending US$630,000 ($694,000) over two years to win millions of "likes'' on its Facebook pages at ... Full story

New York gets its own domain name

New York has become "one of the first cities in the world" to get its very own top-level domain name, giving a welcome boost to ... Full story

Yahoo purchases email productivity provider Xobni just one day after acquiring Qwiki

Hey big spender! Yahoo has announced its second big acquisition in two days, reportedly purchasing Xobni for more than $30 million. Xobni develops software to ... Full story

Bad mood not linked to violent video games

VIOLENT video games do not immediately turn players into anti-social people, a new study has concluded. Attempting to solidify long-held theories that violent video games ... Full story

Instagram spammed by fruity scam

ANYONE who used Instagram over the weekend may have been bombarded with even more food photos than usual. That's because the photo-based social network was ... Full story

It's time to say goodbye to old-school Alta Vista

IT'S a sad day for the internet. Yahoo has announced that it will be shutting down one of the world's first search engines, Alta Vista ... Full story

Facebook cuts ads from controversial pages

FACEBOOK is pulling ads from pages that contain violence or sexual content. The social network says that on Monday it will expand its definition of ... Full story

$25 million for an app that doesn't exist yet

A TWENTY-one-year-old university graduate has become the recipient of the world's largest early investment funding for a mobile payment app that isn't yet publicly available. ... Full story

Napster founder Sean Parker pens 9500 word dummy spit over wedding claims

NAPSTER founder, Sean Parker has hit back at critics of his extravagant $10.5 million dollar wedding. The billionaire says he was spat on by people ... Full story

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, 24, shares screenshot of the moment $950,000 was wired to his bank account after deal with venture capitalists

It's an eye-watering amount of money, but the CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston, 30, decided to share the balance of his bulging bank account during ... Full story

Sony shames Microsoft with video detailing how to share PS4 games

Feel the burn Microsoft. Sony has taken full advantage of the backlash against Microsoft's XBox One by releasing this brutally witty video, which tells players ... Full story

Facebook launches Instagram video

FACEBOOK is adding a video service to its popular photo-sharing app Instagram, following in the heels of Twitter's growing video-sharing app, Vine. Instagram co-founder Kevin ... Full story

Corvette Stingray 2014 is introduced by General Motors at North American International Auto Show

An instant icon? General Motors unveiled the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray at previews Sunday for the North American International Auto Show. It's the first new version ... Full story

Mastectomy pics now OK by Facebook

FACEBOOK has been forced to clarify its policy following a storm of criticism for removing post-mastectomy photos of breast cancer survivors. A petition had ... Full story

Facebook to introduce hashtags #finally

FACEBOOK is introducing hashtags, the signs used on Twitter and Instagram to identify topics being discussed and allow users to search for them. People will ... Full story

Adobe prank Photoshops Swedish commuters into live bus stop ad

COMMUTERS have watched as their picture has appeared - apparently by magic - on a bus stop ad panel, in a delightful prank. The prank, ... Full story

Xbox One set for November launch

MICROSOFT will fire its latest weapon in the video game war this November, with the new Xbox One console launching in 21 countries at a ... Full story

Next-generation consoles battle for new gamers

Sony and Microsoft will be battling for the spotlight at the E3 videogame show with new consoles designed to put them at the heart of ... Full story

Apple to unveil music streaming service

APPLE, aiming to overcome recent missteps and keep its cutting-edge reputation, is expected to unveil a streaming music service along with fresh hardware and software ... Full story

Microsoft allows used games on Xbox One

That means video game discs that users buy will not be limited to one Xbox One device, and players can share or trade in the ... Full story

Scrabble's Facebook update spells A-N-G-E-R

HOW many Scrabble points does "furious" earn on a triple word score? Thousands of fans of the classic board game could probably tell you - ... Full story

First Google Glass porn app launched - and then swiftly banned by internet giant

The first pornographic app for high-tech computer eyewear Google Glass was released Monday after only being announced last week and has just as quickly been ... Full story

Facebook set to take on Gmail by enabling users to send private messages from the 'status' box on the homepage

Facebook is rumoured to be testing a system that would make it possible to send private messages directly from the status box on the homepage, ... Full story

Gmail transforms email inbox

GOOGLE is cutting the clutter from the inboxes of Gmail users. The web software giant announced a new design for its popular email service, which ... Full story

Facebook relents to #FBrape campaign

FACEBOOK has bowed to pressure from campaigners to take a stronger stance on content promoting anti-women hate and violence. Vile content inciting rape and violence ... Full story

Xbox One could reward viewing adverts and watch you while you sleep

Xbox One looks set to incentivise the consumption of TV shows and adverts with achievements and physical products, after Microsoft submitted plans to the US ... Full story

Snapchat Leaked catches users with their pants down on Facebook

A website leaking nude photos from Snapchat has popped up and spread like wildfire on Twitter and Facebook, attracting more than 500,000 Likes on the ... Full story