All hail Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook picture is a terrifying glimpse into our bleak future

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Withdraw cash using your phone: Banks installing new ATMs

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New Ford Fusion can skip over potholes

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Judge orders Apple to hack into iPhone owned by San Bernardino killer

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People are mocking Apple boss Tim Cook’s blurry iPhone pic of the Super Bowl

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WATCH: SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket attempts to land, tips over and explodes

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Samsung reveals new Family Hub refrigerator at CES in Las Vegas

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SpaceX makes history, successfully lands Falcon 9 rocket back on Earth

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Biggest U.S. naval destroyer ever headed for testing

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Facebook founder Zuckerberg shares birth announcement, plans to give away fortune

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan announced the birth of their child and also pledged to donate 99 percent of their Facebook stock. Zuckerberg's ... Full story

Netflix will dump these shows in December

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Yahoo is locking people who use ad blocker out of their email

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Too busy to reply? Google bots may start writing your emails for you

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Facebook is scrapping its 'Maybe' attending button

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Twitter ditches the star in favour of a HEART and social media goes into meltdown

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Candy Crush Saga parent company King Digital Entertainment bought by Activision Blizzard

US VIDEO game producer Activision Blizzard announced it was buying King Digital Entertainment, best known for its “Candy Crush Saga” mobile game, for $5.9 billion. Activision ... Full story

Goodbye "Other" Folder, Hello Message Request? Facebook makes change to Messenger system

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Here's why Apple does not want developers hacking the iPhone's 3D touch feature

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Apple just released a new update and yes, it includes the middle finger emoji

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10 things to know about the new EMV chip credit cards

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Welcome to a new Word order

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Facebook finally listens to users, creates 'dislike' button

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NASA self-healing material can repair itself two seconds after being shot by a bullet

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Most of the 'female' accounts on Ashley Madison were actually male employees

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This is the last bullet you’ll ever need - watch and see the technology for yourself

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Spotify's new privacy policy seeks personal data

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