Hackers reportedly release Ashley Madison users' personal data online

On Tuesday, hackers identified as the Impact Team claimed to release the private information of nearly 40 million users of cheating site Ashley Madison. News of ... Full story

LOL is out, haha is in

The social media shorthand may be losing its appeal to the masses.  Facebook took a look at how we are interacting with our friends and found ... Full story

LG shows off impossibly thin OLEDs television

Big-screen televisions have been getting thinner and thinner, while they get bigger and bigger.  Now, LG has come up with what some are calling an impossibly ... Full story

This is why you should NEVER put your phone number on your Facebook profile

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Middle finger emoji finally coming ... but only to Windows 10

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Everyone should download this awesome Google translate app now

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Windows 10: Everything you need to know

MICROSOFT’S latest and greatest computer operating system Windows 10 is finally here, and best of all, it’s free. For those running Windows 7, and even ... Full story

New app can block people from websites based on their race

A new app, Genetic Access Control, has raised the terrifying possibility of a divided online world – where people are blocked from visiting websites because ... Full story

A text can hack your Android phone before you open it, report says

Hackers have found a way to steal information from Android phones with just a text. The scariest part, according to Forbes? You don't even have to ... Full story

Cheating website Ashley Madison hacked... and they're threatening to name and shame everyone

Cheating spouses using a website that caters to married spouses wanting a extramarital affair have more to worry about than an angry spouse. A hacking group ... Full story

Google hires person to make Google appear higher up in search results - on Google

In what has to be the most ironic job vacancy of all time, Google is hiring someone to improve its search engine optimisation (SEO). In other ... Full story

There’s a secret code you can give Siri that’ll call the police

It’s all fun and games until someone gets kidnapped. Bu thankfully Siri’s on hand to save you from the potentially life-threatening situation. Ask Apple’s voice assistant to ... Full story

iPod Touch updated for the first time since 2012

Apple have updated the iPod Touch for the first time since 2012. The update to Apple's personal music players brings a faster processor, upgraded front and ... Full story

Firefox have blocked all versions of Flash player

Internet browser Firefox has blocked all versions of Flash player, preventing million of users from watching videos and adverts online. The head of Firefox support team ... Full story

Surveillance software maker Hacking Team gets taste of its own medicine

Italy's Hacking Team, which makes surveillance software used by governments to tap into phones and computers, found itself the victim of hacking on a grand ... Full story

Aldi coupon scam circulating on Facebook

A scam circulating on Facebook involves on the discount grocery store chain Aldi. According to WSYR, if you share and comment on the post, you're supposed to ... Full story

Google Photos tagging black people as Gorillas '100 per cent not okay'

Google has issued an apology after a man took to Twitter to show the company's new photo app had added photos of his dark-skinned friend to an ... Full story

Facebook is working on telepathy

The world has questions. And Mark Zuckerberg has answers. Zuckerberg held an informal question-and-answer session on his Facebook page earlier this week, taking more than a ... Full story

The zoom on this camera is so powerful you can see the craters on the MOON

How powerful is an 83x optical zoom lens? Answer: so powerful you can actually see the moon moving while standing on the surface of the Earth. Photographers ... Full story

Google wants to bring free wifi to the world…. and it’s starting NOW

Google is rolling out free wifi in New York as part of a trial the company hopes will eventually span across the whole of the world. The internet giant ... Full story

New 'Unsend' button lets you call back emails (but only within 30 seconds)

We’ve all dreamed of it – a Rewind and Erase button for email so you can call back accidental reply-to-alls, sweary emails to Mum and so on. Now ... Full story

Are these 'Safety Trucks' the future of road safety?

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Emoji passwords may soon replace PINs

Shopping could be become much more :) :0 The days of the boring old PIN could be numbered thanks to a company called Intelligent Environments and ... Full story

Unknown number no more – The new iPhone update will tell you who mystery callers are

iPhone updates are normally concerned with bug fixes or developments for the Apple watch – but the iOS 9 update could actually be really useful. It includes a ... Full story

Twitter to remove 140 character limit from direct messaging

The whole beauty of Twitter is the 140 character limit on tweets but why were direct messages (DMs) ever limited. Well, now the social network’s developers have heard ... Full story

Whoa. A Boeing plane can now do a near-vertical take off

This video shows the amazing moment that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner begins a steep climb into the sky only moments after leaving the tarmac. In the ... Full story

The lamp that creates a thunderstorm in your living room

This genius invention puts the weather forecast in a box for you. You’ll never be caught without your umbrella again thanks to this little box which ... Full story

Google Maps and YouTube will be available offline later this year

Google Maps and YouTube are set to go offline.   The change to the apps, due to be implemented later this year, means users will no longer have ... Full story

This complicated text message switches off your iPhone

There’s an iOS bug that means someone else can crash your phone with just a text message. When they send a message with the characters ‘effective. ... Full story

Google creates robot teddy bears for children, internet calls them creepy

Teddy bears that recognise faces and obey commands are being worked on by two Google engineers – but some fear they could be more terrifying ... Full story