At last! Avocado and bacon emojis are coming next year (along with 36 others)

Finally, we can properly express our love of avocado on toast in emoticon form. That’s first world problem no. 34,587 ticked off the list. The Unicode Consortium ... Full story

Here’s what happens when you throw an Apple watch on the floor

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Google Maps has a picture of an Android bot peeing over the Apple logo

The fierce rivalry between Android and Apple has taken a new twist, after an image of an Android mascot urinating on an Apple logo appeared on ... Full story

Now anyone can Direct Message you on Twitter

From today, anyone can Direct Message you on Twitter. Up until now the two users had to be following each other before a private message could ... Full story

Google to make a BIG change to Search this week – here’s what it means

Nerds are fearing the worst, as Google prepares to make a major overhaul to how Search works tomorrow – in one of the biggest changes in years. How ... Full story

Google under investigation for anti-competitive behavior in Europe

IT’S the case that could change Google as we know it. Overnight, the European Commission filed a complaint against the internet giant following a five-year ... Full story

A leaked memo indicates Apple wants customers to order new products online

IT seems whenever Apple launch a product there are hordes of people camping out overnight and lining the streets in a hope to be the ... Full story

Twitter clamps down on trolls with ‘Tweet quality filter’

Twitter finally seems to be clamping down on trolls with a ‘quality filter’ which could block offensive and threatening Tweets sent via the social network. The feature ... Full story

Twitter bans the bullies and introduces new rules – here’s what they mean for you

Twitter has changed its rules earlier this month, and all kinds of bad behaviour have been banned. That’s great news for anybody who’s been on the ... Full story

RIP! Microsoft has announced the end of Internet Explorer

Most of us will know that if it wasn’t for Internet Explorer, we wouldn’t have had that first, life-changing look at the internet way back ... Full story

Coca Cola ends Twitter campaign after being tricked into quoting Adolf Hitler

Coca Cola has been forced to pull a Twitter campaign entitled ‘Make it Happy’ after it was tricked by a blogging site into quoting lines from ... Full story

Full list of movies and TV shows arriving, leaving Netflix in February

Netflix is adding a long list of movies and shows this February. Here’s a complete list of everything that’s coming up: Available Feb. 1 Bleach the Movie: Hell ... Full story

Girl with richest YouTube account, faceless

An unknown girl who holds a YouTube account has raked in almost $5m by featuring toys based on Disney characters, the Mirror reported. The girl is ... Full story

Apple Watch finally gets a launch date - and it's April this year

Apple has finally revealed the release date for its long-awaited smart wearable, Apple Watch, which is to go on sale worldwide in April. Apple CEO Tim Cook said ... Full story

Google apologizes over anti-gay slurs in translation service

Google has apologised after its translation service replaced the word gay with poof and faggot.   The problem was highlighted by campaign group All Out which launched ... Full story

Microsoft unveils Windows 10, HoloLens virtual reality glasses

MICROSOFT this morning unveiled the future of Windows, detailing the features inside Windows 10 and also showing a few surprises. The big focus for Microsoft ... Full story

Apple camera patent makes GoPro nervous

APPLE has patented a design for a digital video camera that could potentially compete with the rugged portable cameras made by GoPro. The news sent ... Full story

Twitter tests 'Facebook style' news feed

Twitter is testing a new feature which will suggest posts users might have missed – in the form of a ‘Facebook-style’ news feed which appears ... Full story

Good news for customers! Netflix stepping up its streaming game

Netflix has announced a plan to roll out 20 original series or seasons of original shows per year. That means the company’s five-year goal is a ... Full story

The end? Swedish police seize The Pirate Bay servers

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Why you SHOULD worry about Facebook’s new Terms and Conditions

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Regin virus could be the most sophisticated ever

ONE of the most complicated and deadly computer viruses has been uncovered by internet security company Symantec. The complex malware can disguise itself as legitimate ... Full story

Apple reportedly to force Beats Music app on iPhone users

FIRST it was U2, now it appears Apple will be loading up the Beats Music streaming app on everyone’s iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch. The ... Full story

Facebook at Work: Social network takes aim at LinkedIn with new site for office staff

Facebook is secretly working on a new version of its network, built for work, where people will be able to hide embarrassing stuff such as ... Full story

Man applies for job on Facebook and things go horribly wrong

An aspiring writer recently scuppered his chances of getting a writing job before he had even sent in his CV. The ambitious young man named Ren Amen contacted ... Full story

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong quits after publicly shaming employee

THE CEO of a hugely popular social news site who publicly shamed a former employee has resigned from his job. Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has ... Full story

These little microscopic robots can swim through your eyeballs

These incredible microscopic robots have been specially designed to swim through a person’s eyeballs. The micro-swimmer, developed by the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in ... Full story

iPhone and iPad get first serious virus

iPhone users have long thought themselves safe from all sorts of nasty malware and viruses. A new report from Palo Alto Networks today suggests otherwise. ... Full story

Facebook reveals shocking rise in government requests to view private photos

Facebook has handed over details on thousands of users after a shocking rise in government requests for data on people – with a rise of ... Full story

Emoji faces to get racial diversity

EMOJI characters will be more representative of the real world with the announcement that they will soon come in a range of six skin tones. ... Full story