Apple CEO Tim Cook accidentally ‘outed’ in awkward CNBC segment

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Facebook comes back online: Social network returns after 30-minute global outage leaves users frustrated

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Amazon unveils new Fire Phone

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New emoji symbols will let you send an insult or surrender

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Great Scott! Someone has invented a REAL Back To The Future-style hoverboard

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Facebook buys data-on-demand startup Pryte to boost web reach

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Apple announces a host of updated features in its new iOS8 mobile platform operating system

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Users slam ‘creepy’ new feature that allows Facebook to listen in

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Apple buys Beats in $3b deal that sees Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine join Apple board

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Microsoft shows off real-time Skype translator

Microsoft Corp showed off a test version of a real-time, spoken-word translation service for Skype calls on Tuesday, the first time the world's largest software ... Full story

eBay urges customers to change passwords after massive cyberattack on databases; no PayPal breach

ONLINE giant eBay has urged customers to change their passwords after cyberattackers broke into its databases, in what could be one of the biggest breaches ... Full story

Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3 laptop killer

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Facebook Ask button lets pesky friends nag you about your private life

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Apple set to announce change that will double the power of the iPad

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Scientists invent a contagious Wi-Fi virus

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Google exec makes creepiest prediction yet

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Microsoft plans Windows spring clean

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WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum unveils plan for voice service

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Samsung launches new smart watch, Gear 2, powered by Tizen

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Seven secret Gmail features you didn’t know existed

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LinkedIn lifts restrictions on length of posts by users

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Massive security flaw in Tinder exposed users’ exact locations

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iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird 'sells for $94,000'

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Renault concept comes with a drone to help find a parking space

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Tara Reid and Ian Ziering back for more Sharknado antics in inevitable sequel

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Facebook wants to be your new go-to for news

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How much time have you wasted on Facebook? This calculator will tell you

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Google adds prescription frames, new sunglasses styles to Glass

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