Dad freaks out after ‘ghost’ swing moves on its own at playground in chilling clip

By David-Aghadiuno 07/06/2016 09:38:00

Scotty Denton uploaded the creepy video to Facebook, showing the solitary swing swaying of its own accord.

What’s makes it even spookier is that the other swings around it seem to be completely still.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 4.5million times, Scotty says: “We’re in the playground and the kids don’t want to go anymore because look at this s***.

“This is real, look at this. There’s nobody on it, there’s no wind.”

The family were enjoying a day at the playground in Warwick, Rhode Island when they came across the eery sight.

The playground is completely empty, except for Scotty and his family, and Scotty explains the swing was moving for a full two minutes before the clip begins.

His children are equally scared at the sight of the seemingly supernatural swing.

Scotty’s son can be heard suggesting: “Maybe somebody pushed it?”

Another child can be heard explaining: “Ghost’s aren’t real!”

Unsurprisingly, Scotty decides against letting his kids go on the swing.

“You can’t go on that, sorry,” he laughs at the end of the clip.

By David-Aghadiuno 07/06/2016 09:38:00