Woman takes squirtiest poo you will ever see in broad daylight

By Jamie Rivera 07/14/2016 13:27:00

A video showing a woman taking what could only be described as the squirtiest poo ever in public has emerge.

The disgusting video starts with what looked like a damsel in distress as she runs in view of the camera.

She comes to a stop in the middle of the street and has a quick look around to see if anyone is looking.

Then she simply drops her pants and lets rip.

What comes out of her wouldn’t look out of place in the horror film Alien.

She unleashes a torrent of poo which flies across the grey pavement.

When all is finished, she simply pulls up her pants and walks off as if nothing has happened – leaving a trail of poo behind her.


By Jamie Rivera 07/14/2016 13:27:00

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