Terrifying moment woman almost drowns after pulling off air equipment 50ft under water

By Jamie Rivera 08/11/2016 16:37:00

This is the heart stopping moment a scuba diver suffers a panic attack and takes off her breathing equipment while 50ft underwater in Cape Town, South Africa.

Like something out of a nightmare, in a moment of panic, she can be seen waving her arms about underwater before removing her breathing gear.  Her eyes bulge in sheer terror as she struggles.

Rushing to the surface can result in divers contracting decompression sickness – also known as the bends – which can result in joint pain, headaches and visual disturbances and in rare cases, can even lead to death.

Clearly panicked, the woman tries to swim as an instructor attempts to place his own mouthpiece in her mouth.

After apparently tossing away her goggles, she stares wide-eyed at the four divers around her, unsure what to do.

Left with no other choice, she makes the dangerous decision to swim straight for the surface.

Once above the surface, she gasps for breath and takes huge lungfuls of air as she floats on her back.

By Jamie Rivera 08/11/2016 16:37:00

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