Grandma kills deadly snake in garden with bare hands

By Jamie Rivera 10/30/2016 17:01:00

A 70-year-old grandma who found a deadly snake in her garden and decided to teach it a lesson has become an Internet sensation

The video filmed on a smartphone shows a  white-haired woman spots a very big snake lurking by her porch and grabs it by the tail with both hands.

She then pulls the slithering reptile along the grass to a tree and violently bashes its head against the trunk to try to knock it out.

At first the snake attempts to curl its neck around to sink its fangs into her but she swings hard and fast and – after a lot of bashing – the gigantic snake finally goes limp.

The grandma's giggling family can be heard throughout the clip shouting: "Get that snake. Get it!"

Viewers loved the video – filmed in America – but were shocked by what they saw.

By Jamie Rivera 10/30/2016 17:01:00

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