By Lena Sullivan Published 02/29/2016 06:43:00 | Views: 1467
Chrissy Teigen reacting to Stacey Dash is all of us reacting to Stacey Dash

CHRIS Rock has been killing it as host of the 88th Academy Awards, delivering close-to-the-bone jokes about race, diversity and sexism in Hollywood.

However, one odd little stunt during today’s ceremony fell undeniably flat in the auditorium — and left viewers at home scratching their heads.

Rock introduced former Clueless actor turned Fox News conservative pundit Stacey Dash, who courted controversy recently when she waded into the #OscarsSoWhite debate by announcing that institutions that celebrate black achievements — like Black History Month and the Black Entertainment Network (BET) should be abolished.

Actress turned conservative pundit seemed happy to laugh at herself — but others didn’t get the joke.Source:Getty Images

Introducing ‘the new director of our Minority Outreach Program’, Rock welcomed Dash to the stage, where she stood with a smile plastered on her face, giggling.

 “I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!’ she announced, to a stunned silence from the audience.

After a beat, she let out a meek, “Thank you”, and quickly exited stage right.

It seemed like a joke without a punchline, and the general reaction — summed up by model Chrissy Teigen’s expressive reaction shot from the audience — is that it was ... weird:



By Lena Sullivan 02/29/2016 06:43:00

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