By Jamie-Rivera Published 01/30/2012 13:27:00 | Views: 291
Who's right? The Muppets or Fox News?

At a press conference to promote the London premiere of "The Muppets," Kermit and Miss Piggy addressed allegations from Fox News that their movie promotes a "dangerous liberal agenda" to children.

Responding to a question, Miss Piggy said those claims are "as laughable as accusing Fox News of being ... news."

The reporters in attendance howled with laughter, and Kermit said, "Boy, that's going to be all over the Internet!"

No comment yet from the two most-likely Fox News-viewing Muppets, Statler and Waldorf.

Who's right? The Muppets or Fox News?

By Jamie-Rivera 01/30/2012 13:27:00

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