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OJ Simpson has been granted parole from prison, it was decided at a hearing today.

 OJ is expected to be released from prison in October this year.

It comes after a board, of four members, deliberated over the ex-NFL Hall of Famer's future.

He appeared in court smiling and wearing blue, and the 70-year-old was accidentally identified as being two decades older at the beginning of proceedings.

It comes after Simpson was convicted in 2008 after being part of a gang who stole valuable goods from a Las Vegas hotel a year earlier.

'The Juice' – famous for being acquitted in the "murder trial of the century" – confronted a pair of memorabilia dealers who had OJ souvenirs at the Palace State Hotel.

He was given a maximum 33-year prison sentence for trying to steal items he claimed belonged to him.

The board said during the hearing that Simpson was identified as having a substance abuse problem, which he denied by saying: "I have never had an alcohol problem."

He was asked to explain what happened on the night at the hotel, and says he walked into a hotel room when he noticed his belongings "spread out".

When explaining his version of events, OJ said: "I would never pull a weapon on anybody.

He also said he would never condone the events of that night.

Simpson added he has had "problems with fidelity" but described himself as someone who "gets on with anybody".

Asked about life outside of jail, he said he would spend time with his four kids who he says he has missed.

His daughter, Arnelle Simpson, said to the board: "He is my best friend and my rock."

She continued: "He is remorseful, he truly is remorseful."

OJ then apologised in front of the board by saying: "I am sorry".

He continued: "I have been no problem, I think I have kept my word, I have done my time.

"I don't think any inmate has represented it (the prison) better than I have. I am sorry."

One of the victims of the robbery said during the day's events OJ did not harm him.

The 70-year-old said: "He never laid a hand on me."

He continued: "I feel that it's time to give him his second chance it's time for him to go home to his family, his friends."

Today's case came after one of the most controversial court cases in history, when he was accused of the double murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ronald Goldman in 1995.

The former star running back was arrested when one of the most notorious car chases ever was televised around the world.

Following a 10-month trial, he was was acquitted of both murders on October 2.

He was later forced to pay the families of the victims as much as $33.5million (£26million) after being found responsible for their deaths in a civil case.

Daily Star Online previously reported how the case was thrown into jeopardy when Simpson was allegedly caught performing a sex act on himself in his prison cell.

By Staff 07/20/2017 15:54:00

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