By Jamie Rivera Published 03/24/2016 11:48:00 | Views: 2898
Wonder Woman gives us our first sneak peek at Gal Gadot and the Amazonns with Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen.

Wonder Woman is currently upstaging her strapping superhero buddies in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So we are even MORE excited than before (which hardly seems humanly, or even superhumanly possible) at the first official images of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana, aka Diana Prince, will be starring her own standalone film next year. 

The new image shows actress Gal Gadot, standing alongside her royal mother and aunt. 

Gadot is flanked on the left by Wonder Woman's aunt, Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli). On the right is her mother, the Amazon Queen Hyppolyta (Connie Nielsen) and Diana’s aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright).

The women will be seen in the new film, which gives the back story to how Diana comes to Earth and eventually turns into Wonder Woman.

According to the latest reports from the film in Entertainment Weekly, the three elder Amazons have raised the princess together, but have very different views about her future.

Hyppolyta wants to keep her daughter safe, but Antiope, Diana’s trainer, wants the princess to be prepared for the coming war.

“She is the only child they raised together,” director Patty Jenkins tells EW. “And their love for her manifests in a different way for each of them.”

By Jamie Rivera 03/24/2016 11:48:00

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