By Jamie Rivera Published 03/10/2016 04:27:00 | Views: 4241

A TV weatherman left viewers stunned when he joked about bestiality live on air – but then he made it worse.

Rounding up a presentation about a dog looking for a home, presenter Christine Bellport tried to hand over to her co-host.

"I'm just going to sit here and hang out with my new best friend," she said, stroking the pooch as meteorologist Charlie Shortino took over.

But then Shortino told her: "You two should get a hotel room or something, that's a lot of action going on over there."

And he made it so much worse when he added: "Probably the most action you've had in months, huh?"

Met with stunned silence, the weatherman looked around his studio, before laughing and beginning his presentation.

The clip is from NBC 15, a local news station serving the city of Madison, Wisconsin.

Shortino wrapped it up saying: "Ah well, I crack myself up if I don't crack anyone else up."

Now the weatherman is facing a backlash, with viewers branding his joke "immature and inappropriate".

One wrote on YouTube: "That is not something you say in a work place, it's very unprofessional and I cant imagine how he would see that as okay."

"Charlie Shortino should know better, completely inappropriate to say that," complained one local on Facebook. "His whole exchange was creepy and very uncomfortable".

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By Jamie Rivera 03/10/2016 04:27:00

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