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Golden Globes

What did the stars have on their minds during the 2012 Golden Globe Awards? Plenty.

"I am wearing a gown but my nails are wearing tuxedos!!!" tweeted an excited Zooey Deschanel, whose black-tie manicure caused a Twitter sensation. E! fashion cop Kelly Osbourne shrugged off the haters who insulted her gray-and-purple granny hair, tweeting, "I love it." Katie Couric, meanwhile, voiced the opinion of many when she commented on Madonna's boob-strangling gown ("Wow or ow!"), while newly single Katy Perry purred, "Madge looks goooooood. I'd tap that." Jane Fonda's astounding preservation at age 74 impressed funnyman Kevin Nealon, who tweeted "now that's the way you should do plastic surgery!!!"

And here's the way you cling to a relevance you never had: Before switching the channel to "Kourtney & Kim Take New York," Scott Disick reminded the world he brought back the cane before Brad Pitt, scoffing that the A-lister is "a little late."

And a special thanks to Perez Hilton, who put the festivities in perspective by tweeting, "At least this isn't as boring as the Oscars." Some other social media reactions:

@SarahKSilverman: Josh Brolin wins largest head 4th year in a row! Diane Lane wins smallest (2nd time nom, first win!)
@rainnwilson: Are actresses on awards shows required to be spray tanned like glittery ochre deck furniture?
@ChrisKattan: Someone should tell Jean Dujardin's, star of "The Artist," wife who's holding a flip cam, that the awards show is televised this year.
@chrisrock: I'm glad Octavia won the golden globe . I Hope that means now she doesn't have to clean up the place when the shows over
@joshgroban: This awards show is SO kiss kiss faw faw faw smoochy smoochy poopy poopy la dee da.
@kevin_nealon: They should play Madonna off with Guy Ritchie yelling at her.
@richardroeper: If you ranked all the Movie Voices ever, Morgan Freeman is No. 1 and Adam Sandler's weird baby-talk thing is Number Last.
@michaelianblack: Matt LeBlanc just won an award for something and the earth spins off its axis and Bigfoot is real.
@ebertchicago: Casting no-brainer: Ricky Gervais for the skipper of the Costa Concordia.


Which celeb’s snark was the most surprising?

By Jamie-Rivera 01/16/2012 13:19:00

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