By Jamie Rivera Published 08/03/2016 03:02:00 | Views: 9982
AGT contestant Ryan Stock is accidentally shot in the neck with a flaming arrow.

AMERICA’S Got Talent viewers witnessed an horrific act when a man was accidentally shot in the neck with a flaming arrow by his fiancee.

Ryan Stock, a stunt man from Canada, planned on dazzling the live audience with a routine that involved his girlfriend, Amber Lynn Walker, shooting a fiery arrow at a target placed on his mouth.

But things did not go to plan.

Walker accidentally missed and Stock was hit in the neck with the arrow.

As judges Mel B, Simon Cowell Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel watched on in shock, the program continued to air live.

“I’m OK, I’m OK,” Stock said while in pain as host Nick Cannon checked on him.

After the show, the stunt man tweeted: “We had a serious mishap tonight outage [sic] live on @nbcagt. A very unfortunate mechanical failure but I am very fortunate to walk away from it.”

As the incident occurred, Cannon told Entertainment Tonight he was “just hoping [Ryan] didn’t get punctured. Because that would not be good, for anyone.”

“Luckily the arrow did not go in,” he added. “We got him checked by the medic afterwards and he’s totally fine.”

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By Jamie Rivera 08/03/2016 03:02:00

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