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SHOCKER: The Walking Dead season 8 episode 4 was a bloodbath

THE Walking Dead season eight episode four was the most dangerous yet.  

The Walking Dead cast teased some major deaths would be coming up during season eight, but nobody could have expected what happened this week.

The episode, Some Guy, teased: "A new weapon in the Saviour arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle as fighting continues between Rick's forces and those of the Saviours."

Last week's episode saw King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and the Kingdommers ambushed in the closing moments.

Viewers saw the aftermath of this – and it didn't end well for the majority of Ezekiel's army.

The Walking Dead season 8 episode 4 AMC

HEROINE: Shiva arrived to save the day again but sacrificed herself

Almost all of the Kingdom's army was killed off, including Daniel (Daniel Newman) and Alvaro (Carlos Navarro).

Ezekiel, Carol (Melissa McBride), Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Dianne (Kerry Cahill) were the only survivors.

That includes Ezekiel's much-loved pet tiger Shiva, who was tragically brought down by a herd of walkers.

Ezekiel, Carol and Shiva were in the woods surrounded by some walkers when the loyal beast arrived to save the day – again.

The Walking Dead season 8 episode 4 AMC

KILLED: Daniel was one of the Kingdommers that died

The Walking Dead season 8 episode 4 TWITTER

EMOTIONAL: Fans couldn't cope with Shiva's death

Unfortunately, this time was the tiger's last, as the walkers soon started ripping chunks from it.

It was the Shiva's death that proved most controversial, as The Walking Dead fans flocked to Twitter to share their disappointment.

One said: "If Judith survived this far I don't see why Shiva couldn't have either. My head hurts. Even if she wasn't real."

Another tweeted: "You are not allowed to kill animals. Take all the damn people you want but you had no right to go after Shiva."

The Walking Dead season 8 episode 4 AMC

RIP: Shiva will be missed by Ezekiel and fans alike

And a third added: "You know, my heart broke when Hershel died. And then it broke again with Glen. But Shiva! Why would you even?"

Episode five, The Big Scary U, looks set to focus on Father Gabriel, as the official synopsis reads: "A close look at Negan and the lives of the Saviours during the conflict through a familiar set of eyes."




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By Staff 11/13/2017 05:49:00

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