By Jamie Rivera Published 12/21/2012 13:16:00 | Views: 487
Stem cell eyelift causes bone to grow in woman's eye

We always thought that "The Human Centipede" was the most unsettling medical procedure ever, but then we heard about this. After a California woman had an experimental wrinkle-removing surgery, she experienced severe pain in her eye and couldn't close her eyelids without hearing "a sharp sound." Cosmetic surgeon Allan Wu discovered that the stem cells that had been injected around her eyes (at the bargain price of $20,000) had turned into bone fragments. The sound she heard was caused by bone fragments in her eyelids "grinding against each other." Those cells were removed in 2009, but the nightmare of BONE FRAGMENTS IN HER EYELIDS probably persisted a lot longer than that. [Source]

By Jamie Rivera 12/21/2012 13:16:00

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