By Jamie Rivera Published 12/21/2012 08:08:00 | Views: 490
Sibling fights could lead to depression and anxiety

As Christmas draws nears, it's time to embrace your siblings, hold them close and thank them for turning you into a depressed, anxiety-riddled mess with low self-esteem. In a study from the University of Missouri, researchers discovered that teens who fought with siblings exhibited more mental health issues. The study showed that teens who argued about everything from perceived unfairness and unequal treatment by parents to a need for that little dorkface to stay out of MY ROOM! (aka need for personal space) were left with more depressive traits a year later than those who didn't fight. Researchers hope the findings can help parents and others involved in teens' lives understand conflicts and help keep them from having lasting effects. [Source]

What's the worst fight you ever had with a sibling?

By Jamie Rivera 12/21/2012 08:08:00

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