By Jamie-Rivera Published 12/03/2012 16:22:00 | Views: 407
Salt may not be as bad as we think

For years, we've been told that salt will kill us all. However, Australian research has added to growing evidence that salt may not only be less harmful than we've been led to believe, it may actually add years to our lives. Professor George Jerums looked at the salt consumption of 638 elderly type 2 diabetes patients over 10 years.

Surprisingly, for each extra 2.3 grams of salt appearing in the patients' urine each day, their risk of death dropped by 28 percent, with those refusing to bow down to the low-sodium dogma less likely to die from heart disease and stroke. [Source]

What's your favorite salty treat?

By Jamie-Rivera 12/03/2012 16:22:00

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