By Pius Aghadiuno Published 04/05/2017 09:17:00 | Views: 8052
Can you relate to the study's findings?

Numerous studies over the years has found a link between avid bike riders and erectile dysfunction. But what about women? Are female cyclists similarly affected?

It all depends on how low you sit, according to a study that sought to determine why female cyclists had less genital sensation than the general population.

Researchers found that where women positioned the handlebars on their bikes had a correlation with their discomfort or lack of.

The lower the handlebars are in relation to the saddle -- an angle which is at its most extreme when you lean forward on your bike -- the more pressure there is on the perineum, which can lead to tingling, numbness and soreness.

Can you relate to the study's findings?

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By Pius Aghadiuno 04/05/2017 09:17:00

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