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Double chin

I'm developing a double chin. Can you suggest something to stop it, or is it just part of getting older?

Although as we get older our skin and muscles tend to become more lax, this doesn't mean that a double, sometimes triple, chin is inevitable.

Just like any other part of the body, the tissue under the chin collects fat if it's given the opportunity. This is the major cause for double chins; simple fat deposition.

The first step is to ensure your diet is high in fibre and low in fat and calories, containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This will help prevent you laying down vast amounts of fat.

Using a skin toner everyday helps the skin remain firm, as does slapping under the chin with the back of your hand. When slapping, start gently and build up speed gradually. Do this for a couple of minutes each time, two or three times a day.

The next step is to exercise the muscle called the platysma whose function is to pull down the corners of the mouth and pull down the jawbone. Do the following exercise within the privacy of your own home if you're not comfortable with people looking at you oddly.

Open your mouth wide, and then pull up your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. Move your jaw up and down as if you're trying to scoop something up with it - imagine the movement of the shovel on a digger scooping up earth or debris on a building site. Perform ten repetitions of this exercise each time, and again do this two or three times a day.

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By Dr_Rob-Hicks 03/21/2016 10:01:00

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