Smoking makes men dumber

In case causing cancer, weakening your arteries and staining your teeth aren't enough reasons to quit smoking, here's a new one: It makes you dumber. A ... Full story


Study suggests sound waves function as sperm zapper

Ladies, you may catch a break soon from your contraception chores. A study has determined that sound waves reduce sperm counts to infertile levels in ... Full story

Sugar is as bad for you as alcohol and tobacco

A not-so-sugary piece printed in the highly-respected medical journal Nature suggests that sugar’s toxic effects on the body are comparable to those posed by alcohol ... Full story

Sexual health study IDs best female bike-riding position

Numerous studies over the years has found a link between avid bike riders and erectile dysfunction. But what about women? Are female cyclists similarly affected? It ... Full story

The surgical option: For some, stomach stapling is last hope

Dr. Neil Hutcher wishes he could write headlines, in addition to doing his day job of cutting into stomach and intestinal tissue to help people ... Full story

Fighting Those Fall Allergies

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Elizabethkingia bacteria: 5 things to know

A rarely reported virus Elizabethkingia is increasingly spreading across the United States with cases in three states and at least 20 deaths from confirmed cases ... Full story

Why you should stop drinking low-fat milk

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World Bipolar Day: What is bipolar disorder; symptoms; where to get help

People around the world are marking World Bipolar Day Wednesday, a day set aside to raise awareness of the disorder and erase  the stigmatism of ... Full story

Women need more sleep because their brains are more complex than men's, study finds

Feel like hitting the snooze button this morning, ladies? Apparently, there's a scientific reason for that. According to Woman's Day, a recent study by Loughborough University's ... Full story

Breast cancer trial destroys tumors in 11 days

This is an incredibly remarkable development in the world of cancer! New research that's been presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference shows that two ... Full story

Woman with skin cancer shares graphic photos, album goes viral

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Johnson & Johnson told to pay $72 million in talcum powder cancer case

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million in damages after a woman’s death from cancer was linked to its talcum products.   Jacqueline Fox’s ... Full story

The Zika virus may actually be worse than we thought - here’s why

The brain and nerve damage caused by the Zika virus in unborn babies might actually be worse and more widespread than people believe, experts have ... Full story

Massachusetts has first case of Zika virus

Massachusetts health officials confirm the state has its first case of Zika virus.  The Boston Public Health Commission says the patient is a Boston resident who contracted ... Full story

How to prevent the Zika virus infection

The Zika virus is gaining attention worldwide with reports of an "explosive" spread of the illness.  Zika, an illness transmitted to people through mosquito bites, has recently been linked ... Full story

Health department walks back 'the D' campaign

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Arkansas officials confirm Zika virus case, and it could spread

The mosquito-borne Zika virus will likely spread across South America, Central America and North America, according to a new warning from the World Health Organization. Zika virus ... Full story

Zika virus: Five things to know now

The previously little-known virus that re-emerged in Brazil in 2015 has now shown itself to be a possible threat to the continental United States.  The World ... Full story

Where has Zika virus been found?

Where has Zika virus been found? Prior to 2015, Zika virus outbreaks have occurred in areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. In May 2015, ... Full story

Is this the ‘worst lip balm ever’? EOS lip balm sued by Rachael Cronin after claims of blisters, rashes

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against popular beauty product EOS lip balm, according to BuzzFeed. Rachael Cronin, represented by criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos, says the ... Full story

4 things to know about Keytruda, the drug that cured Jimmy Carter's cancer

Earlier this week, former President Jimmy Carter announced he is now cancer free. He he has a new cancer drug, called Keytruda, to thank for it. 1. What ... Full story

Christmas Tree Syndrome is a real thing

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. That means people everywhere are putting up Christmas trees, stringing lights and hanging ornaments that have been passed ... Full story

5 things to know about the deadly 'kissing bug' and Chagas disease

This is one "kiss" you definitely don't want to get. According to recent news reports, triatomine bugs, also known as "kissing bugs," have infected 12 Texans ... Full story

China fitness trend: Exercise fanatics take to all fours to crawl around parks

AN odd new trend has recently emerged in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, in which fitness fanatics take to all fours to crawl around parks. ... Full story

In medical first, patient dies when tapeworm gives him cancer

A patient died after a tapeworm living inside of him developed cancer, in a case doctors said caused them 'sleepless nights'. Doctors couldn’t believe what they ... Full story

Wearing Halloween contact lenses without prescription? Read why it is dangerous and illegal

The ophthalmologists are warning that people using colored or theatrical contact lenses are risking blindness. According to Dr. John Rabins of Optom-Eyes, Inc., a scratch on the cornea or ... Full story

According to the WHO, Bacon poses same cancer risk as cigarettes,

Eating bacons and other processed meat exposes you to the same cancer risk people who smoke cigarettes expose themselves to claims A World Health Organization ... Full story

Eye Floaters: Those pesky things in your eye you can never seen to catch

We call them eye floaters, but they’re proper name is muscae volitantes – Latin for ‘flying flies’. But they’re not real flies, or any sort of foreign ... Full story

Scented candles can be has harmful as cigarettes, doctor says

A Missouri doctor has a warning for anyone who's about to light up. Their next candle that is. Andrew Sledd,  a pediatrician with a specialty in ... Full story