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Women: Do you have a problem parking your car and wish it was lurid pink? Luckily for you one of the more ill-advised PR campaigns of recent memory has come up with the goods – a concept for a ‘woman-proof car’.

Scrapyards may not be quite where you’d expect to find the most egalitarian of gender politics, but has this to say for itself:

‘A new set of concept images released by the UK’s number one network of approved national breakers have envisaged a “woman proof car” – which specifically caters for women drivers who’re a little unsure behind the wheel.’


Apparently female drivers ‘fear the dreaded parallel park’ and wants to make driving ‘as enjoyable as possible’ for women, which is so great of them and not at all patronising of course.

The pink monstrosity at the top of this page is the result of their labors, including a bubble effect (for parking); a swivel seat (for reversing); and extra-large bumpers (for ‘any accidental scrapes and bumps’).

Woman-proof car might be most offensive PR campaign yet

How not to inspire a debate (Picture: Supplied)

And why is the car pink, you ask? To ensure high visibility to ‘alert other road users; specifically males’. founder Matt Bott was however good enough to concede the idea behind the car is ‘slightly [our emphasis] tongue in cheek’.

Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, told Metro the concept car was ‘beneath even giving column space to’.

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