By Jamie Rivera Published 03/18/2012 15:02:00 | Views: 1080
More women are prospering as sugar mamas

Bacon may be the aphrodisiac of the new millennium, because men apparently love women who bring it home. Research from the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project found that marriage rates for top female earners have risen by more than 10 percent, while those of lower-earning women have declined.

That implies that an increasing number of men may have absolutely no problem "marrying up," and many women who earn less have decided they can take care of themselves, thank you very much. @juhasaarinen's stance sums it up: "Women with big pay packages are hot." As much as it may be a turn-on conducting this sexy gravy train, we're warning the ladies now: He might just be trying to get you to pay off his Amex.

Ladies making beaucoup bucks: sexy or intimidating?

By Jamie Rivera 03/18/2012 15:02:00

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