By Jamie Rivera Published 03/18/2012 15:23:00 | Views: 1078
ROSA VARGAS With real husband.

As if one husband isn't enough trouble -- Anna Vargas has four of them. The 37-year-old Queens woman was rejected for a marriage license when the county clerk discovered she already had a husband in Mexico and one in Ecuador. Turns out scammers had used her birth certificate, which she lost 16 years ago, to arrange fake marriages.

Vargas and her real husband married in another jurisdiction, while the legal mess was being sorted out, and both of those fraudulent marriages have been nullified, according to The New York Post.

Her identity-theft fiasco isn't over, though: She's still trying to void yet another marriage in her name that recently cropped up.

Have you ever had any experience with identity theft?

By Jamie Rivera 03/18/2012 15:23:00

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