Hearing test: Mosquito tone you should only hear if you are under 25 years old
By Jamie Rivera Published 02/28/2016 09:44:00 | Views: 3244
If you can’t hear this sound you’re getting old

There are lots of ways to cover up how old you are getting.

You can follow the latest fashion trends, pretend to get every joke on the Big Bang Theory, inject your face with a potentially lethal toxin or even listen to Radio One.

But there is one thing you won’t be able to hide from and that is your hearing.

If you are aged 25 or over you should not be able to hear what is known as the mosquito tone – namely a noise above 17.4kHz.

This is down to age-induced hearing loss, otherwise known as presbycusis, which occurs as the hairs in your ear wear down as they are exposed to sound throughout your lifetime.

For most of us this will happen by the time we are in our mid-twenties and continue to deteriorate.

By the time you are over 50 you should not be able to hear sounds above a frequency of 12kHz and those over 40 should not be able to hear above 15kHz and so on.

how loud is too loud

Noise-induced hearing loss is down to the duration and volume of exposure (Picture: http://www.freemosquitoringtones.org) Feeling brave? Take the test above or fancy a more indepth analysis visit

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By Jamie Rivera 02/28/2016 09:44:00

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