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THESE dancing genitals are the new mascots of a sexual consent campaign that hopes to reach out and educate youngsters about rape.

The animated and simple approach to rape culture was created to "get people to see sexual consent differently".

The clips from a Toronto-based advertising company were made for charity Project Consent to show the straightforward idea that consent is not complicated.

Project Consent's slogan for the campaign read: "Consent is simple. If it's not yes, it's no".

In the viral videos, an entirely safe-for-work cast of illustrated vaginas and penises, bottoms and breasts, and even a overly-eager hand illustrate what consent entails - in other words, a definitive yes.

When one dancing penis gets a little too close to a cartoon vagina a simple "no" is sufficient for the sexual advances to stop there.

Another video shows a dancing vagina and penis moving against each other until the female genital tells the other that he’s gone too far.

In one photo, a chirpy vagina declares: "Only if my other lips say yes".

Terry Drummond, from Juniper Park, the advertising company responisble for the videos, said: "The goal of the campaign is to get people to see consent differently."

Mr Drummond said the genital characters and simple approach developed after seeing the conversation around consent being dogged by complex analogies.

In one photo, a chirpy PH

In one photo, a chirpy vagina declares: "Only if my other lips say yes"

He added: "It isn’t a messy and complicated issue. Again, it’s simple. If it’s not yes, it’s no.

"We chose to be more direct.

“We feel it’s very watchable and our point of view on consent won’t be part of the greater conversation if nobody watches the videos."

The campaign, which is set to blitz social media in the coming weeks, also emphasizes that consent can be withdrawn at any time amid concerns that rape has become "a global epidemic in which sexual assault is trivialized or belittled."

Project Consent, a non-profit, volunteer-based campaign, started in 2014 "to start a positive dialogue about rape culture".

The engaging short videos were an attempt to “combat and deconstruct rape culture by raising awareness of the harmful way with which it is regarded in society”.

The international project also wants to tackle the myth that "men can't be raped".

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By Jamie-Rivera 03/02/2016 02:22:00

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