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Code for pedophiles ends up on children’s toys sold at Monster Jam

Symbol for pedophiles seems to appear on children's toys sold at Monster Jam

A Florida mother was shocked when she realized the heart-shaped symbol on her daughter's toy may be a symbol for pedophiles.

Nicole O'Kelly told WFLA she bought the toy for her 2-year-old daughter thinking it was an innocent toy made for little girls.

The toy, a stuffed monster car, is pink and gray with a flower symbol, a hand symbol and a heart symbol.

The heart symbol is what O'Kelly discovered may be used as a symbol for pedophiles.

“I’m absolutely sick. This is pink,” O’Kelly said. “This is for little girls, especially at a predominately male event."

A symbol purportedly called the "GirlLover logo" found on FBI documents from 2007 looks similar to the symbol O’Kelly found on the toy she bought.

According to the documents, the logo symbolizes a relationship between an adult and a minor girl.

An official with Feld Entertainment, which owns Monster Jam, told HLN the company was unaware of any secret meaning of the symbol.

"On Tuesday, when the issue with the Monster Jam toy was brought to the company’s attention by a customer who purchased it at a recent Monster Jam event, we immediately pulled this item from inventory and will no longer sell it," Feld Entertainment's Vice President of Corporate Communications Stephen Payne said in a statement.

"In addition, any customers who have purchased this truck can contact our Customer Service Department for an exchange or refund," he said.

"The company was not aware of the disturbing message contained in the truck’s design, nor did we intend to use any design that had a secret or double meaning," Payne said. "We are currently reviewing our merchandise to ensure that it's appropriate for our customers."

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By Jamie Rivera 03/11/2016 00:53:00

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