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For April Fools' Day 2016, Quilted Northern announced a new line of artisanal toilet paper with "craft you can feel.

It's that time of year again: April Fools' Day, when anything you see or hear must be taken with a grain of salt.

Here are some of the day's best pranks from around the web:


Even the airlines are getting in on the jokes, with Virgin Australia posting a video to their Facebook page announcing the launch of Kids Class, a cabin devoted solely to child travellers. One bemused Facebook commenter, who may or may not have got the joke, asked that the cabin at least be “sealed and noise-proofed”.


Introducing Virgin Australia Kids Class – the world’s first kids-only aircraft cabin.

Posted by Virgin Australia on Thursday, March 31, 2016


The Australian Open Facebook page posted a video claiming the courts would be re-surfaced with timber for 2017 today. They claimed Australia would be the first to host a “timber court tournament”. Nice try guys!

BREAKING: Timber surface to debut at #AusOpen 2017!

Posted by Australian Open on Thursday, March 31, 2016



Coles took to Twitter to announce their new ‘Hover Trolleys’ would be coming to their supermarkets. But their futuristic design didn’t fool everyone.



Today, Ford Australia teased fans with new wearable technology that connected them to their car like never before. With new ‘Mood-Ion Technology’, it would monitor a wearer’s body temperature and use cameras to track eye movement and feed this information into the vehicle. They tweeted that mood lighting runs through colour shades to “resemble a nightclub when the wearer wants to belt out a tune”. They also tweeted: “In selected Ford vehicles, there will be options to have the glove box retrofitted with a convection oven”.


Groupon is offering one Aussie family the chance to escape this world and retreat to an island paradise if Donald Trump becomes the next US President. The family would relocate to a Trump-free ‘Isle of Eden’ for four years – equivalent to Trump’s presidential term. The trip would be an all-expenses paid holiday with no access to the outside world.

Groupon offers a holiday away from Donald Trump if he becomes President. Picture: Supplied

Groupon offers a holiday away from Donald Trump if he becomes President. Picture: Supplied



Vodafone created the Voda-Drone to extend the Vodafone network with an on-demand service to reach and cover the remaining 3 per cent of the population that isn’t covered by the network in Australia.

“Ensuring Voda-Drone maintains a light weight frame to cover long distances, Voda-Drone sees the traditional drone camera compartment replaced with a wireless modem to beam down coverage to those in video need,” a Vodafone statement said.

An April Fool’s Day prank from Vodafone. Picture: Supplied

An April Fool’s Day prank from Vodafone. Picture: Supplied

“With Sophisticated Evasion Nuisance Detection and Unmanned Provider Status, the drone will evade trees, birds and even people on ladders to ensure all flora and fauna is safe while you browse, share and enjoy the world of entertainment online.”

If it was real, users would send their local Vodafone store a message of “Voda-Drone”, and it will be deployed at high speed and travel to their location within 30 minutes to share Wi-Fi down to their device.


Nissan Australia wanted to try and connect single drivers with its N-Connect App. Based on a study by the University of Cambridge, Nissan drivers were dubbed the most “loyal” and “friendly” among European car owners. Users of N-Connect would be able to meet others by hitting on a love symbol inside the car to show their interest in each other.

NEWS: Upgrade Nissan Connect to activate our matchmaking service

Posted by Nissan on Thursday, March 31, 2016



Airtasker launched a new service called Dogtasker, where pet owners can sign up and cash in on their pooches that could do everyday tasks like making deliveries, walking, gardening, you name it!


We’ve got something BIG to share with you...

Posted by Airtasker on Thursday, March 31, 2016




Krispy Kreme launched a 3Doughnut Printer that allows consumers to print their own doughnuts in 3D. The printer also comes with 12 pods of Krispy Kreme’s world-famous special glaze, and was priced at $8,990.

The limited edition 3D Doughnut printer used in the prank. Picture: Supplied

The limited edition 3D Doughnut printer used in the prank. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied


Industry super fund-owned bank ME announced they were releasing a new line of credit cards with no limit to help you keep up with the latest fads and fashions. The only barrier is your ego. There are four credit cards to choose from: cim, chloé, courtney and cris. Each card in the set is vanilla scented and available in different shades of nude.

The fake cards being offered by ME today as a prank. Picture: Supplied

The fake cards being offered by ME today as a prank. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

CanvasPop launches dating service

Do you want a no-brainer matchmaking service? Then look no further than CanvasPop's PlusOne, which matches couples based on which Facebook photos you send to the company to print. And you don't even have to mail in a hair sample!


London Review of Books produces an emoji edition

Do you like books but like emojis more? In an effort to appeal to millennials, the London Review of Books announced it will start putting out an emoji edition of each of its new issues.

For the sake of our millennial readership, we’ll now be producing an emoji edition of each new issue for iOS and Android:

Posted by London Review of Books on Friday, April 1, 2016


Esurance offers election insurance

Has this election cycle got you considering a move across the border? Esurance has got your back with their election insurance coverage. Over the next four years, the company will send someone out to provide home maintenance and provide other touches to give it "that lived in feel" while you and your family run away to Canada.


Ted Cruz tries his hand at an April Fools' Day joke.
It appears to be a real tweet, but if you click on the link to video, you eventually see that Cruz is not only challenging Donald Trump again, but also putting a April Fools' spin on it.


White Castle launches Crave Copter service nationwide

The White Castle burger chain announced its delectable sliders would start shipping across the country via 1,500 "Crave Copters," aka drones carrying a box filled with 30 sliders.


Trader Joe's stores closing by 2017
People across the Internet panicked when news broke on March 31 that Trader Joe's grocery stores are closing nationwide. Don't worry, y'all. It was an early prank.



BBC brings back VHS tapes
This one is for the nostalgic hipster in all of us.


Zoosk launches burrito-based matchmaking service
Looking for love can be a tricky task, especially if you find you have a hard time finding someone with the same tastes as you. But never fear, because Zoosk launched a dating app that promises to match you up with your "burrito soulmate."


Quilted Northern's rustic weave toilet paper
Looking to elevate your bathroom experience? Look no further than Quilted Northern's new line of artisanal, rustic weave toilet paper. The company posted a commercial for the toilet paper, which was "designed to be remembered," on March 30.

Boy, that fancy paper does look uncomfortable!


Introducing Heavy Bubbles: "Sparkling water that makes you sweat"

Fans of the "Game of Thrones" HBO series know that few cut quite the same figure as Hafthor Julius "Thor" Bjornsson, an Icelandic professional strongman who appears in the series as Gregor Clegane -- also known as "The Mountain Who Rides." Now those wishing to emulate his figure have the perfect solution: Heavy Bubbles sparkling water.


YouTube launches "SnoopaVision"

Ever wished you could watch your YouTube videos with Snoop Dogg dropping wisdom in the background? YouTube hears you. The company launched a beta version of its "SnoopaVision" feature on April 1. With the click of a button you get a 360 degree view of whatever video you're watching, complete with Snoop Dogg's reactions.






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