By Jamie Rivera Published 04/08/2016 06:41:00 | Views: 3704
Do you find these videos sexy or soothing?

Bone cracking may leave some of us feeling squeamish.

But a new craze has swept the Internet, with users turning to chiropractic videos to help them sleep.

Users find the bone-cracking compilations soothing and relaxing.

Some even find the practice a turn on.

Chiro Videos TV is a channel on YouTube offering a series of videos.

Many users have commented on how the footage has helped them fall into a gentle slumber.

But some have admitted the videos are a huge turn on.

One wrote: “This made me feel horny.”

Some users couldn't hide their shock over the sexual undertones of the video. One user wrote: "Like a beginning of a porn."

Another said: "At 28 seconds I thought the guy was sort of perverted."

This isn’t the first time a chiropractor video has sent the Internet into overdrive.

In March, a chiropractor’s advert went viral after being described by the Internet as ‘porn’.

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By Jamie Rivera 04/08/2016 06:41:00

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