By Jamie Rivera Published 01/15/2013 19:57:00 | Views: 188
Gadzooks, some men wish women would cover up at work

Guys are sick and tired of staring at women's shapely thighs and cleavage all day. Wait, what? A British Heart Foundation study reportedly found that some men — yes, real men — want low-cut tops, hot pants and miniskirts banned from the office because they're too distracting. 

A surprising 27 percent of dudes questioned want see-through tops outlawed, 24 percent said miniskirts should bite the dust and 30 percent were anti-leopard print. Now for the big question: Will women put away their boobage and go for a mellower look? Or will they revel in the power of their secret weapon in the productivity wars and continue distracting men into an idle, tongue-lolling stupor? [Source]

By Jamie Rivera 01/15/2013 19:57:00

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