By Jamie-Rivera Published 10/23/2016 08:56:00 | Views: 3994
Want to win a Nobel Prize? Eat more chocolate

If you're keen to win a Nobel Prize, don't start out by brushing up on your science or chewing over a solution to find world peace. Instead, grab some chocolate.

A new study has found "a surprisingly powerful correlation" between a country's per-capita chocolate consumption and how many Nobel Prizes it's won. (No, this isn't some wonderful hoax: The study was authored by Franz Messerli, a genuine doctor, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a genuine medical publication.)

Switzerland, which has scored the most Nobels, also gobbles up the most chocolate. The study speculates that "flavanols" in chocolate can slow age-related mental decline, thereby offering a window into a nation's "cognitive function."


Are you a chocolate lover?

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By Jamie-Rivera 10/23/2016 08:56:00

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