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ATLANTA - Step on out to Turner Field and join in on the fun at the Universoul Circus. It boasts a cast of charismatic characters and decades of history.

This isn't your grandma's circus. But it's guaranteed to make her want to get up and join in the fun.

"You're going to be a part of the show. Either we're going to get you in the soul train line, we're going to have your kids come in the kids dance, we're going to have you rooting in your seat for your side of the tent," said Cedric Walker.

Cedric Walker conceived the Universoul Circus nearly 20 years ago: black entertainers playing to mostly black crowds. It was something not achieved under the big top since the late 1880's.

"There was nothing reflecting black culture in family attractions. So that was the original idea. How can we look in the circus ring and see ourselves," said Walker.

The Universoul Circus employs about 50 performers and that doesn't include the hundreds behind the scenes making sure things happen. One can assume it's a real balancing act. But Walker says he will go to teh ends of the earth to find the best of the best.

"We really invest heavily in training programs. We find the best trainers from around the world.
Performers from all nationalities like this whole urbaness, this hip hop vibe that we reflect so a lot of people request to be on the show," said Walker.

Motorcyclists from South America, a contortionist from Ethiopia, bicyclists from China and like the performers, the audience is now multicultural. Zeke has been with the show since the beginning and says he's had a front row seat to shift in fans.

"I see a mixture of people. I see all nationalities of people in the audience because soul is not a color. Soul is an experience," said Zeke.

And while hip hop sounds are woven into the Universoul experience, the show is laced with spiritual messages, never straying from its original intent - a good, wholesome spectacle.

"We all work and we're all professionals at what we do but to be able to contribute to mankind is an honor and I'm certainly honored," said Walker.

For more information on Universoul Circus, click here to visit their website.

By Pius Aghadiuno 02/22/2011 22:45:00

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