By Jamie Rivera Published 02/29/2016 18:54:00 | Views: 2790
Is this hair style quirky, stylish and smooth or the world’s worst haircut?

Is this hairstyle quirky, stylish and smooth or the world’s worst haircut?

It turns out that it was a prank, sort of.

A hairstylist in St. Petersburg, Russia, showed her take on the use of layers in a video shared by Barbershapp that has been viewed millions of times on Facebook.

However, the viral cut and style by Aleona Starzhinskaia was more of a ruse.

The original video is from 2015 and, as seen in the full YouTube video, after the layered cut, the model gets the rest of her hair buzzed off.

“It was her birthday and she asked me (to) share her head, so we decided (to) make something interesting and shoot (a) video about it,” Starzhinskaia told Refinery29. “In a few hours, I turned her into (a) blonde and started (to) make this cut; most of this was... improvisation.” 


The Haircut that's breaking the internet!Quirky, Stylish and Slick? Is this a new trend in the making? #StylistLove ...

Posted by Barbershapp on Saturday, February 20, 2016
By Jamie Rivera 02/29/2016 18:54:00

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