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Lane Bryant sexy underwear ad reportedly rejected by networks

A television ad featuring plus-sized Sports Illustrated model Ashley Graham was reportedly rejected by several television networks.

The ad for Lane Bryant is part of their new#ThisBody campaign, promoting positive body image for plus-sized women. It shows Graham and other scantily-clad plus-sized women reading lines about their bodies.

"This body is made for turning heads," one model says in a bra and panties.

"This body is made for being bold, powerful, and sexy," Graham says kickboxing in a sports bra and shorts.

"This body is made for love," model Tara Lynn says as she breastfeeds her baby.

Shots include the nude models covering the important bits, wearing underwear, or modeling Lane Bryant clothing. The ad ends asking, "What's your body made for?"

Lane Bryant has been vocal on social media about the alleged rejection. "The networks didn't want you to see this. But we do. Share. Tag. Show everyone what #ThisBody's made for," one tweet with the ad attached read. Another said, "This body is made for television (No matter what anyone says)."

Lane Bryant released a statement:

The THIS BODY campaign was meant to be a fun way for us to celebrate and honor women of all shapes and sizes. What is too much for some does not hold true for others. All women should be celebrated and feel empowered to express themselves as they see fit. We want her to know she can attract as much media attention, look just as striking as her smaller counterparts, and decide what beautiful means to her. The THIS BODY commercial holds nothing back. It is a true celebration of women of all sizes doing what makes THEM feel beautiful whether it’s breastfeeding their newborn, flaunting their bodies the way they see fit, breaking down barriers all around and simply being who they are or want to be!

NBC also issued a statement after People ran an article saying they didn't reject the ad, but did ask for minor edits "to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines". The network said they'd welcome the updated version.

Graham made history in 2015 when she was featured in an ad campaign carried in Sports Illustrated. In 2016, she became the first plus-sized model featured on the cover of the SI Swimsuit issue.




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By Jamie Rivera 03/11/2016 13:31:00

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