Using emoji at school ‘could improve language skills’

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Study: Facebook makes you realize you’re a loser

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Sex at 70 is surprisingly satisfying

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Shipping Gifts Can be a Challenge

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16 things to talk about at Thanksgiving, instead of politics

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Milk consumption linked to nation's number of Nobel Prizes

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Chocolate consumption per-capita linked to number of Nobel Prize wins

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Study says men watching porn make their women unhappy

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How long can you stare into someone's eyes before it gets awkward? Science has the answer

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Photography might hold the key to happiness

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Taco Bell unveils new, sleek-looking restaurant design

Taco Bell as you know it is about to undergo dramatic changes. The company unveiled a new, sleek-looking design that swaps out the familiar neon ... Full story

Prof says Cinco de Mayo is not a Mexican holiday

Cinco de Mayo has become a commercial juggernaut and touchpoint to "celebrate" Mexican culture, i.e., drink oneself silly on margaritas and stuff one's belly full ... Full story

Arcade-style gym actually makes us want to exercise

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DO YOU understand the latest chiropractic video obsession?

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Sprint iPhone Forever Plan TV Commercial, 'How It Feels' with Erica Soto

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The best April Fools' jokes of 2016

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A new book reveals the dark side of star signs

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Lesbian kiss in Kellogg's ad has nothing to do with cereal, argues angry mom

In the Special K ad women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and sexualities are depicted as having moments when they "hate" their body. The campaign ... Full story

Parents: Relax! It's just a game; Sign reminds overbearing adults to lighten up

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Ever Wonder Why bridesmaids traditionally all wear the same dresses?

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'Beware the Ides of March' -- What does that mean?

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Symbol for pedophiles seems to appear on children's toys sold at Monster Jam

Symbol for pedophiles seems to appear on children's toys sold at Monster Jam A Florida mother was shocked when she realized the heart-shaped symbol on her ... Full story

Twins found to have different fathers after being DNA tested

A pair of twins have been found to have different fathers after their parents grew suspicious of their different looks.   The infants, now two-year-old, were sent for ... Full story

According to the internet, Momo twins are the cutest babies ever

When you’ve got twins, it’s double the cuteness. Known as the “Momo Twins,” these two take the cake. They got their nickname because they are monoamniotic-monochorionic twins. Monoamniotic-monochorionic ... Full story

WATCH: Is this the most bizarre sex education campaign ever?

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What is leap year? How did it start? Why is it on Feb. 29?

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There’s no use pretending. If you cant hear this sound you are getting old

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Former binge-eater Dana Falsetti fights back at fat shamers by owning it at yoga

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Did you know California isn't the only state with tough gun laws? Top 20 list

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