By Jamie Rivera Published 03/18/2016 11:44:00 | Views: 1269
A YOUNG woman has revealed how a tampon became lost inside her vagina after a steamy hook-up.

She might have been on her period, but that didn’t stop Alexia LaFata from “fooling around” with a guy she had a crush on.

The student remembered inserting a tampon at around 9pm before going over to her lover’s house.

But the bit of fun ended in horror when the 22-year-old realised she couldn’t find the sanitary product the morning after.

Although they didn’t have sex, the pair did indulge in a “vigorous” sex act which caused the tampon to get lodged in her cervix.

Alexia began to panic when she tried to pull out the tampon in her bathroom the next day, but couldn’t find any trace of it.

The youngster shouted for her flatmate Chantal thinking that she might be able to give her some medical help as she was studying to be a doctor.

Her friend advised her to keep trying to pull it out so Alexia “pried and poked and jabbed” for 10 minutes until the pain reduced her to tears.

Then it dawned on her that the tampon might not be inside her at all and it may have fallen out in his bed – but she refused to text him to ask.

Fearing that she might have Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) Alexia headed to the hospital with Chantal in tow.

When she saw the doctor, she explained the situation.

Writing for Elite Daily, Alexia remembered: “I started rambling, in one giant, self-conscious breath: ‘Well, I put in a tampon last night at, like, 9pm?

"'And then I hooked up with this guy, and I guess he was going really hard with his fingers, so now I think he shoved it really far up in my vagina because I tried to get it out but I can’t.

"'I can’t even see it. So it could really be in there.’”


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HEALTH SCARE: Alexia could have got TSS from the tampon

The medic asked her to remove her underwear and change into a hospital gown before he peered inside and finally pulled out the “mummified tampon” which she said looked like a dead rabbit’s foot.

Alexia asked the doctor how far the tampon had been stuck inside her and he replied: “Oh, you were never going to get that yourself.

“It was all the way at your cervix, and the string was pretty tightly wrapped around the cotton. You must have been going at it really vigorously.”

He advised the youngster to watch out for symptoms of a bacterial infection or TSS like dizziness, nausea or aches and pains.

Unfortunately the ordeal cost her $900 in medical bills which she said wasn’t worth it because she “didn’t even orgasm”.

By Jamie Rivera 03/18/2016 11:44:00

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