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'It comes naturally to me to intervene when love's going awry': John Kiekbusch will dump YOUR boyfriend of girlfriend for a fiver

A self-professed "relationship ending pro" is now available to do exactly that -- at a bargain rate of around $8. The Daily Mail reports that Briton Jonathan Kiekbusch will use all methods of communication -- from in-person appointments and phone calls to the relatively cold-hearted instant message and text -- to share your decision with your (soon-to-be-former) companion. (As Kiekbusch puts it: "I will contact your 'worse half' and give them the news.")

Kiekbusch advertises his service on the website Five Squids, which posts low-priced tasks -- like an offer to "tatoo [sic] your name on my bottom." Notably, Kiekbusch has a "100% Positive" review ranking from pleased buyers, one of whom notes that "[Kiekbusch] was really helpful and understanding."

Would you pay someone to break it off for you?

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By Jamie-Rivera 01/20/2012 16:12:00

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