Police: Grooming store owner accused of choking, kicking, and dragging dog, leading to its death

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - The owner of a pet grooming service has been arrested after she was accused of causing a dog's death by chocking, kicking and dragging the animal against objects.

Michelle Root, the owner of Paw’sh Paws in Cumming, GA has been charged with 2nd-degree animal cruelty on Wednesday.

An employee of Paw’sh Paws told police that they witnessed Root choking a dog called Meko to the point of unconsciousness for running to the back of the store on October 7th. The employee also told police that Root dragged the unconsciousness dog to the front of the store, and in the process, banged the dog against a washer and other objects.

The police report states that Meko was unresponsive, and transported to Crestview Animal Hospital, where the dog was pronounced dead.

The dog was transported to the animal hospital after a friend of the dog owner came to pick him up, and witnessed his condition.

The police report states Root and her husband told the man who picked up the dog that Meko “must have had a seizure.”

The dog owner and her friend were informed by a veterinarian that Meko had been dead from anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes, and was placed into refrigeration storage for an autopsy, according to police.

Another witness came forward to Cumming Police on October 9th, telling investigators that Meko had been compliant while being washed. She told officers that Root kicked Meko in the head, and bounced the dog off a wall and tub before slamming him on the table, according to the police report.

Both witnesses told police this was not the first time they witnessed abuse from Root but it was the first time she had caused an animal’s death to their knowledge.

Meko was taken to the University of Georgia’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for a necropsy.


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Nadezda Yaroshinskaya 10/14/2017 11:37:35
Danielle 10/14/2017 10:06:01
This is the most sickening display of abuse. This woman was entrusted to look after this precious animal . There need to be stiffer penalties for this kind of thing and I hope this miscreant of a human being does serious jail time and is never able to be around another animal for all her days. I Hope Animal Control will remove any animals that she has in her home because *** knows what they are enduring. I am just sickened by the story rand my heart goes out to the family. Rest in peace, Miko
Leah 10/13/2017 22:32:28
I think her "kindness" should be reciprocated! pos!
Leah 10/13/2017 22:30:09
I think someone should reciprocate this pos "kindness!"
Laura 10/13/2017 12:44:07
How The **** can they let her still with animals after killing this dog even if they are still investigating? WHAT they waiting for her to kill another one? Keep this ***** away from animals Dumb as **** for let shop!!!
Blaze 10/13/2017 10:54:54
You Nasty WITCH. You'll get yours. Definately will get yours. What goes around comes around. N I bet yours is coming.
Lisa Jarrells 10/12/2017 21:20:16
What an evil vile person to kill an innocent dog! Disgusting pos!
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