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Teen Qyderricko Holmes, Deote Willams, Perry Glynn face charges after violent armed robbery

- The three teens were locked up in the Coweta County Jail facing serious felony charges including kidnapping and armed robbery after a violent armed robbery earlier this month.

Under arrest are Qyderricko Amigo Holmes, 19, of Atlanta, Deote Denard Willams, also 19, of Palmetto, and Perry Dashawn Glynn, 18, of Atlanta.

Employees locking up a Newnan Verizon store on Nov. 2nd found themselves confronted by three armed men. Police said the three robbers marched the employees back into the store.  As the robbers forced the employees behind the counter, video of the incident released by police gives us a quick glimpse of a semi-automatic handgun.

Immediately after the employees called 911, Coweta County deputies spotted the car getting onto Interstate 85. A high-speed chase on the interstate ended near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The three men and one other believed to be the driver tried to run away. Coweta County deputies and Newnan Police officers with the help of deputies from Fayette County and Fulton County caught the three. The driver is still on the run.

The two Verizon employees were injured. One from trying to run away. The other from being shoved into a door.

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By Staff 11/11/2017 10:44:00

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